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                      Make a donation

                      Give relief to suffering donkeys

                      Right now, donkeys are enduring terrible suffering. But you can help. Pledge a regular gift today, safe in the knowledge that your generosity is making a real difference.

                      Thanks to the compassion of our supporters, we have paved the way for improved donkey welfare right around the world. But there is still so much more to do - please give what you can today.

                      Donate graph

                      For every £1 we spend

                      77p Helping donkeys worldwide
                      23p Raising funds including trading costs

                      Zena's story

                      We found Zena curled up in the corner of a stable, lying almost motionless in the straw.

                      Born three weeks premature, Zena's back legs were just too weak to support her, so our staff gave her round-the-clock care to help her suckle from her mum. We gently bandaged her delicate legs, and before long, she was standing by herself.

                      Now thanks to our supporters, Zena lives a happy and healthy life at our sanctuary in Sidmouth.

                      How your donation will help

                      Your support today means a life of sanctuary and expert care for neglected and abandoned donkeys, as well as veterinary treatment and global education to improve donkey welfare.

                      With your gift of compassion we can be there for those animals toiling in unimaginable conditions around the world, while finding loving forever homes for unwanted and mistreated donkeys living here in the UK.

                      Other ways to donate

                      Donate - other ways

                      In memory

                      Pay tribute to the life of someone special by remembering them in aid of donkeys in need.


                      Supporters who are able to make a major gift can get in touch with our team to learn more about the impact of their generosity.

                      Community fundraising

                      Running, baking, skydiving, knitting - there's so many ways to show your support and do it for donkeys around the world.

                      Leave a legacy

                      Desperate donkeys worldwide will need our help for years to come. Will you consider leaving a gift that keeps on giving?

                      Adopt a donkey

                      Start your very own special friendship by adopting a donkey. Choose your favourite donkey today and order your gorgeous adoption pack.

                      Donate by cheque, post or phone

                      To make a donation by cheque, please make your cheque payable to "The Donkey Sanctuary" and send to:

                      PO Box 85, Sidmouth, EX10 1BR.

                      Please send donations to the address above.

                      Alternatively, call +44 (0) 1395 579128 to make a donation by phone.